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Advantages of motorhome rental from Southampton

There really are a lot of advantages of motorhome rental from Southampton or Hampshire, when you come to think about it. Although driving a big motorhome or campervan can turn into hard work if you don’t take a few precautions.The key word here is “relaxing”: it’s a holiday, not a route-march, so take it gently. If you haven’t driven in the UK before, you may have to slow down your ideas about how far you can travel in one day. You don’t have to see the whole country in one week – it’ll still be here next year!

Gone are the days of adventurous, luxury holidays to unique and faraway lands. It is not as if with a young family you are going to get to kick back and relax with a cocktail on a sun lounger or go on a day trip to ancient ruins – life has changed and motorhoming in the UK is the perfect way to meet these changing demands.

Another bonus to motorhome holidays is the flexibility derived from self catering which is so important with little ones. You can eat at times suitable for your children rather than being bound to hotel timetables and restaurant opening times.

Your children may not like the food in a hotel or the dining room environment and, given that toddlers generally don’t hold back with their opinions, the mealtime meltdowns may not be the relaxing experience you were hoping for. Self catering in a motorhome allows you to be in control of what and when you eat and once the children are in bed you can open a bottle of wine and enjoy that romantic meal for two.

Many camp sites also have additional facilities to cater for the needs of families such as play areas, swimming pools and entertainment. If this would make your life easier and holiday more enjoyable then make sure you thoroughly do your research before choosing a caravan site. The children will love it and that makes a happy holiday for you too.

If you get stuck in traffic, turn off and find something more interesting to do. Don’t feel you have to stick rigidly to a pre- planned itinerary, unless you’ve already paid for a stand in a busy campsite in the high season. (Even then, are a few pounds worth the stress of getting there?)

You choose the views, the neighbours, the itinerary. You can take as much baggage and kit as you like without weight restrictions: surf-board, bike, kayak, walking boots and wet-weather gear – if you can safely fit it in or on the motorhome, you can take it. It won’t get damaged or lost in transit, either.

When choosing a motorhome rental in Southampton or Hampshire, you should always make sure you have packed some provisions before you head off, and pack some chairs so you can enjoy sitting outdoors and basking in some english sunshine.

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