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For most motorhome holidays in Southampton

For most motorhome holidays in Southampton and Hampshire, the following tip that is probably most specific to campervan owners.

7. Develop morning and night time routines

Remember how the song goes: “… and the little one said, roll over …” ? If you don’t have effective routines then you’re in danger, perhaps not of falling out of bed but of getting in others’ way and waking others up.

Campervans are small spaces and this is where you definitely need to be organised. What works for us is to allocate responsibilities and to divide the tasks. For example, if I’m first up and off to the shower block to get washed then we plan on the others getting dressed so that when I return they can go off to get washed. When they return I will have already packed up the beds, put the bed back in its normal position and be putting the kettle on for breakfast. If it’s good weather, it’s best to let the kids have a quick play so that breakfast’s all ready to eat when you call them in.

Similarly at night, it also works to reverse the routine so that one adult takes responsibility for organising the van and the other for organising the kids.

It needn’t be a military operation, just ‘a system’ that works for you.

8. Ignore normal bedtimes

If your kids are of primary school age and older then a key lesson we’ve learned is to suspend normal bedtime ‘rules’. When it’s light outside (eg in Scotland) until almost 11pm in mid-summer or a busy campsite’s still noisy until the same time, you can’t fight against this. Just go with the flow and chill out. It’s best to get up and go to bed at the same time as a family when it’s dark and quiet. What’s the worst that can happen ?

9. Be flexible

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, irrespective of how organised you are: you need a Plan B. This is a more general tip and is really about being prepared to be flexible to ensure that you have a successful camping trip and you all stay sane.

For instance, if you get a few days’ rain why not treat yourself to a night in a hotel or B&B to dry out and keep spirits high ? If your campsite is over-run by midges, leave and go somewhere with a breeze and/or away from trees and water. If it’s a noisy, horrible site, leave.

10. Build in family treats

Living in a confined space on top of one another in a strange place produces its own stresses and strains: it would be unrealistic to expect otherwise. So we’ve learned that those little treats can really give you something to look forward, boosting family morale and providing incentives and ammunition for those all-important negotiations.

Treats could be special trips out (eg to a theme park), a meal out in a nice restaurant or just an ice cream.

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For most motorhome holidays in Southampton and Hampshire, these basic tips on getting the most from a campervan or motor home trip should prove an invaluable source of good advice!

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