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For motor home rental in Southampton

For motor home rental in Southampton or Hampshire, pack light, take half of what you think you’ll need (particularly clothes) and take things that serve multiple purposes. And guess what ? Anything you don’t have that turns out to be essential can be bought or hired when you get there. Fortunately campervans typically have more boot space than your average family car but nonetheless, you don’t need to fill it – and you’ll get on better if you don’t.

Less stuff = less stress = a better holiday.

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More about tips about getting more from your camper van holiday and what to pack.

3. Pack an ‘activity box’ for each of the kids

Long journeys can be a real bore. It would be amazing if the kids didn’t get grumpy, or Mum and Dad didn’t have a major argument navigating the M25. We’ve found that kids love to pack their ‘essential’ games, books, puzzles, toys and DVDs when they’re about to go on holiday. This get them in the holiday mood when you’re packing the more boring stuff. So give them a special box or bag each that contains all of their favourite things to keep them occupied and they’ll be much happier on the long drive to and from your destination.

Seat-back DVD players invaluable since the kids are occupied, quiet (ie not arguing) and the time passes much more quickly. With DVDs to watch you can plan on driving for three hour stretches rather than two, which makes a big difference!

4. Be organised

If you’re going to be spending much more time than usual in close proximity for a fortnight it pays to have ‘a system’. Everyone have their own bag of clothes and having a space for everything in the camper van. You can’t afford to turn everything upside down to find little Johnny’s teddy at night – you need to agree where it’s going to be kept so you can immediately locate it when you need it.

Besides packing, there are lots of other ways to be organised (without taking it to extremes). For journeys to Europe, print out routes using the AA Routeplanner website (detailing roads, times and distances) and also photograph the journey on Google Maps on the iPad before you leave, so the co-driver can just flick through these.

Plan some simple but tasty meals in advance (taking essential, hard-to-find ingredients from home if you need to) to avoid defaulting to pasta every night.

5. Stay on campsites with lots of other kids

No matter what language they speak, kids will always find friends. Having other kids to play with will transform their holiday experience, if you can get a pitch on a site where you can watch your kids on a playfield or at the playpark then this is ideal.

Happy kids = happy adults.

6. Minimise the driving days

It’s tempting: so many places to see, you feel the need to see as much as you can. Especially if you have a camper van (home on your back and all of that …).

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Motor home rental in Southampton or Hampshire means you can relax more when you’re not having to pack and unpack every other day and holidays are arguably more about experiences than places in any case. A three-centre holiday over a fortnight can give a lot of variety and a campervan holiday shouldn’t feel like a road trip.

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