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Hiring a motor home is a great way to holiday

Southampton motor home hire is the perfect way to combine the convenience of transport and accommodation in one, giving the freedom to plan your perfect itinerary without the need to pack and unpack, with locations in Hampshire and across the UK.

Hiring a motorhome is a great way to holiday. Without the need to pitch a tent at every campsite, you can easily cover more ground and fully explore an area – and it makes sense to rent rather than buy if you only need a campervan for a week a year.

Motorhoming is becoming increasingly popular with families in the UK, and rightly so with online resources providing information and choices on all of the fabulous places that you can go to. Although the weather cannot be guaranteed in good old Blighty , the concept of motor home holidas can add to the spirit of adventure especially when travelling as a family.

It can be a challenge keeping children entertained when it is too hot abroad, plus they are more at risk of sun burn, dehydration and consequential melt downs. The majority of children just want to spend time with their family, meet other children and run around outside, all of which are possible in the UK. What’s more – some of the scenery in the UK is stunning and on our own doorstep – for example, the dramatic peaks of the Lake District, the wilds of Exmoor, the rolling hills of the Yorkshire dales or the flat fen lands of East Anglia. All you have to do is get in your car and go! If it rains, then put on your wellington boots and waterproof coats/trousers and embrace the British countryside. It wouldn’t be so lush and green if we didn’t have so much rain!

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Holidaying in a motorhome can also avoid the hassle and expense of finding, booking and negotiating a flight with young children. Children over the age of 2 have to pay for a seat on an aeroplane making flying an expensive option. It is a mission having to work out and adhere to a baggage allowance with nappies, travel cots, push chairs, car seat sand everything else needed for a two week holiday in the sun. By the time you arrive at your destination you are exhausted by having to keep the children entertained for the duration of the flight and passport control and likely to have been publicly humiliated by the display of temper tantrums whilst thousands of feet in the air. Why put yourselves through it when you can pack as much equipment as you need and have a much easier, more memorable holiday in the UK.

Whether you live in Hampshire or Southampton, motor home hire is the perfect solution if you are looking for an adventure in quality-built motorhomes for memorable trips. And our spacious camper vans are perfect for enjoying the beauty of the UK and Scotland. All of our vehicles are pet-friendly home-from-homes, for those pet owners who wouldn’t be without man’s best friend.

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