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Planning campervan hire from Southampton or Hampshire

If you are planning campervan hire from Southampton or Hampshire you might be guilty of dreams of long, lazy summer days. Escaping from the crowds to find the perfect beach-side camping spot…Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it ?

This is what we would like to imagine when planning a family campervan holiday but in reality how many of us experience something rather different ? Fraught journeys, over-tired kids, grumpy grown ups and awful campsites anyone ?

Planning your holiday carefully may not avoid these experiences you’d rather forget completely, but it can certainly increase the chances of you surviving the holiday unscathed. And if you have a campervan, the objective is not only to have a good holiday but to repeat the positive experience again and again. Camping represents some people’s nightmare but it can provide some of the best memories ever: memories that will stay with your kids and hopefully embed in them the desire to go camping themselves when they’re older!

The tips below are based on family experiences of motorhome camping over the years. Learn from these mistakes – they are well tested and will keep you sane.

Hopefully you’ll find some practical suggestions to make your next trip just that little bit more enjoyable.

1 Choose a destination that has something for everyone

It’s sometimes tempting to assume that the kids will just tag along with what the adults would like to do. Keen to visit some museums or art galleries ? Visit some quaint, historic towns ? You can bet this is precisely what the kids will hate (unless they’re very young).

The beauty of a camper van holiday is that you’re likely to be staying in a number of different kinds of locations over the course of a holiday – there’s enough variety to tick everyone’s boxes. So do your research and find those locations and campsites in advance that are going to give you the range of family experience you’re after.

2 Pack wisely

Packing can be very stressful. But why ? Does everyone really need their bike when you can hire them for the occasional time they might be needed ? Are the kids really going to play cricket and badminton and football when on holiday ? Are you really going to wear all of those clothes ?

If campervan hire from Southampton or Hampshire still appeals, whether you’re travelling by motorhome or campervan, pack light, take half of what you think you’ll need (particularly clothes) and take things that serve multiple purposes. And guess what ? Anything you don’t have that turns out to be essential can be bought or hired when you get there. Fortunately campervans typically have more boot space than your average family car but nonetheless, you don’t need to fill it – and you’ll get on better if you don’t.

Less stuff = less stress = a better holiday.

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