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Want to see the Highlands after choosing a motorhome for hire?

Want to see the Highlands after choosing a motorhome for hire from Southampton or the Hampshire area?

It means it’s about as far from roughing it as you can get. A medium size motorhome sleeps six and includes an ingenious double bed that sits above the cabin. Don’t think camping stoves and coolboxes. Think full-size oven and grill, three-ring gas hob and fridge with freezer compartment.

Of course you also get your own loo and shower on board and the back of the “van” is bunk beds for the kids.

A modern motorhome drives as easily as a car, so after a quick talk-through about the various gadgets on board, you are ready to set off.

After a stop to stock up on supplies – motorhomes are popular in the UK so you won’t be glared at in the supermarket car park – you are off. The NC500 route is a loop that runs up the north-east coast from Inverness, right the way across the top of Scotland, back down the other side and along to where you started.

Make sure your first stop is not too far from the collection depot, after a long morning travelling up from England, you’ll be glad it wasn’t too far away. It’s worth pointing out that motorhome users are a friendly bunch, so you will never be stuck for advice if you forget how something on your motorhome works.

The NC500 route makes life very simple for anyone who wants to explore the Highlands without getting lost.

If you want to stop for a break, there’s no hunting for service stations or roadside cafes. You have everything you need on board so a tea/toilet break just means pulling off the road for a few minutes.

After John o’Groats, follow the NC500 route across the north coast, stopping when you saw something interesting (often) and enjoying the drive on the near-empty road. On the second night, if you feel brave enough for wild camping – the practice, perfectly legal in Scotland, of finding your own place to spend the night.

A motorhome is self-sufficient and although it’s simple to plug into the power at a campsite, it has a battery on board that charges from the engine and means it will work just fine out in the wild. TV, of course, you can cook and eat dinner, watching an eagle hunting nearby and listening to the owls hooting as the sun sets.

Head for Durness and a slightly busier (by Highlands’ standards) campsite, stopping off at the impressive Smoo Cave nearby, if you shriek loud enough the caves will shriek back a second later after you’ve finished. Who needs video games?

In the heart of the West Highlands, the scenery is at its best. It’s possible to drive for miles without seeing another vehicle or house, and enjoy a landscaped carved by glaciers and unchanged for centuries.

For your final day there is only one place to go – Loch Ness. No trip to this region is complete without calling in at the exhibition centre beside the famous loch – then a boat trip out to search for Nessie. Did you see anything mysterious in the chilly waters?

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You complete the route with the short drive back to Inverness and happy for an unforgettable week and glad that you decided a motorhome for hire from Southampton or Hampshire was a good idea – the Highlands has so much more to see and you can’t wait to get there again!

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